Course on Substance (Drug) Abuse Prevention

Objective of the Course

Substance abuse is a worldwide menace, which is adversely affecting the physical and socio-economic well-being of India as well. The objective is Capacity building of various levels of functionaries working in the field of substance demand reduction. The areas include - awareness generation, counseling, treatment and rehabilitation of dependents

Target Group

The target group include School and college students, Teachers, counsellors and teaching faculty of schools and colleges, Functionaries of IRCA/SLCA/CPLI/Youth clubs/Police/NGO/NSS/para military forces and professionals in drug prevention sector, Service providers (in Government, Semi-Government and Non-Government), judicial officers, Staff in prisons and juvenile homes and ICPS functionaries etc.

Modules of the course

  • Understanding on substance abuse and addiction
  • Types of Drugs and Harmful effects of Drugs
  • Sign & Symptoms (Medical Perspective) and Myths & Facts of Drug Addiction
  • Sign & Symptoms (Social Aspect)
  • Basics of counselling and intervention to substance abuse disorder
  • Management of alcoholuse and related disorder
  • Management of Cannabis use disorder
  • Management of Opioid use disorder
  • Life Skills Education & Activity
  • Behavioural Change Communication & Family role in addiction
  • Workplace Prevention for Industries / BPO/ Factory
  • Law Enforcement related to Drugs (Substances)