Course on Social Defence Issues

Objective of the Course

Social Defence covers a gamut of activities and programmes for the protection of society. NISD is currently focusing in the areas of substance abuse prevention, welfare of senior citizens, transgender rights and beggary prevention. The objective is to increase the understanding and knowledge among the various stakeholders and functionaries regarding social Defence issues.

Target Group

The target group include School and college students, Teachers, counsellors and teaching faculty of schools and colleges, Functionaries of IRCA/SLCA/CPLI/Youth clubs/Police/NGO/NSS/para military forces/ Old Age Homes/Day Care Centre/Central and State Govt officers/Care Givers etc.

Modules of the course

  • Social Defence: Concepts, Elements & Fields
  • Old Age Care
  • Understanding Drug & Addiction
  • Beggary Prevention
  • Transgender Welfare
  • Role of Stakeholders in Social Defence
  • Counselling in Social Defence
  • Role of Media in Social Defence